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It Takes Love (and some other stuff) to Make a Baby is a book for kids in two-mom families born via donor insemination. Using bright illustrations and simple, concrete language, It Takes Love explains the basics of reproduction and introduces the concept of the donor. Both known donors and anonymous donation are addressed in a way that allows each family to tell its own unique story. Written by family doctor and writer LL Bird and illustrated by award-winning children’s artist, Patrick Girouard. For children 3+.

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“This is a great little book to answer the question ‘where did I come from’ for families with two moms!”
—Ivy Chen, MPH, Sexuality Health Educator

“I love it! Short, sweet, straight-up, and just what kids need to understand how many two-mommy families come to be…”
—Amy Lang, MA, Author of Birds + Bees + YOUR Kids and The Ask ANYTHING Journal



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About the Author of “It Takes Love”

About the Author

LL Bird spent fifteen years as a family doctor explaining asthma, fixing boo boos, and helping patients through the most sensitive times of their lives. On the side, she wrote for San Francisco Bay Area newspapers, and was a medical consultant for human rights and social justice organizations. LL describes herself as an aging backpacker and beach bum, and a world music and futbol fanatic. She lives in Richmond, California, with her family, a white Easter bunny, and assorted pet rodents. The inspiration for It Takes Love came when her six-year-old son asked the dreaded question, “How does the sperm get inside the lady?” A panicked search for a book turned up many wonderful resources, but none for two-mom families that covered both reproduction and donor insemination.

About the Illustrator

About the Illustrator

Patrick Girouard has illustrated over one hundred books for children. His clients include Sesame Street, National Geographic, Kid City, Spider, Weekly Reader, Highlights, USA Today, Scholastic, and Oxford University Press. His work can be found in museum exhibits, magazines, greeting cards, t-shirts, games, puzzles, toys, odd scraps of paper, diner placemats, and his mom’s refrigerator door. He loves his family, coffee, robots, dogs, and bugs. If you love his work and want to see more, please visit

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